Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emailed just recently...

I just got this in my inbox today... Please do join up with them. I have spoken with the law firm, and have done research on them - they are on the up and up, and are working hard to stop Sallie Mae from continuing on with their outrageous policies and procedures.

As you may know, the James Hoyer law firm filed a class action lawsuit against Sallie Mae in December 2007 in connection with its underwriting of private student loans.

As you read this e-mail, the US Department of Education is reviewing bids from six companies that want to win a lucrative contract to service federal student loans. Among the final six is, of course, Sallie Mae. The awarding of this contract will be made soon.

Our investigation has led to thousands of complaints from borrowers about Sallie Mae's abusive and grossly mismanaged servicing and collection practices. These practices negatively impact millions and must be addressed by the Department of Education.

If you want to stand up against Sallie Mae being awarded this contract, we urge you to contact Nicholas Chung or Mike Whisler, the Department of Education Contract Specialists acting as points of contact on this issue. Their contact information is as follows:

NICHOLAS CHUNG Phone: (202) 377-3635 E-mail:
MIKE WHISLER, Phone: (202) 377-3450 E-mail:

We urge you to contact these people NOW, as well as your representatives in congress and the senate to share your personal story of how you have been abused and mistreated by Sallie Mae. Let them know that you will not sit quietly by while the government rewards a company that has caused so much harm to so many people. Staying quiet will not help anyone.

Please join the Facebook group: FINAL SIX - Student Loan Servicing Job Up For Grabs ( so that you can share your contact with the decision makers and tell other people about this very important issue.