Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To Anonymous - FWIW regarding Sallie Mae

Originally posted 03/12/2007, in response to a particularly stupid and asinine comment made at my other blog regarding the prior post:

Yes, you're right - it was all my fault that I'm in the financial bind with Sallie Mae that I'm in today. Gee - I'm a horrible person for being SO stupid and SO at fault.

I chose to go to school and try to better myself and deluded myself into thinking it was the right course of action.

I chose to go with Sallie Mae because I chose NOT to educate myself about other options that could have been available.

I chose to NOT go into the field of culinary arts because I didn't want to live out of my car, since the pay scale was at minimum wage and rent couldn't be met with it.

I am currently choosing to repay back what I *can* - even though I honestly can't afford it - and it's my fault as well.

You're right. Everything I did was my own fault, and it was NEVER, EVER the fault of Sallie Mae or it's ethical behavior or not. Sallie Mae has done NOTHING but do what I asked them to do, and it's my fault that I asked them to do anything...

In fact, apparently, according to YOU, what I should be doing is encouraging people to get themselves in debt with Sallie Mae to the utmost, because they're SO wonderful!

What I *SHOULD* have done was to continue down the road I was going and eventually end up either on the dole or flipping burgers at McDeath's.

And I *am* trying to fix the situation and, as you put it, "what needs to be done to get out of this mess and move on, lesson learned."

Regarding what I've written in my blog here, just remember - I put my own thoughts down and own them as mine. Who the FUCK are you to go after me and whether I was right or wrong on an action in the first place? You don't know me, you don't even bother placing a NAME down or any contact information - you're just some anonymous person who apparently wants to make sure that I know that I'M THE ONE AT FAULT!

Well, la-dee-fucking-da! You did your job. Thanks so much for letting me know that it was all my fault for doing this. I already knew that. And thanks SO much for putting such HELPFUL information up for me to read. Hope you feel proud that you've done your public service for the day.

DIAF, fucker!


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Nanette said...

Hi. Thanks for info.

I took my lousy savings of a couple hundred dollars out of the bank. Now I have to depend on whether my schizophrenic husband "steals" it, finds it.

The money wouldn't have paid for even one month's payment, but Sallie Mae wouldv'e taken it.

I earned a whopping $1600 last year and paid those schmucks $502.

This country sucks for letting this go on. Plus, get rid of hiring illegals and the rampant practice of affirmative action and age discrimination and MAYBE I could get a damn job.