Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I received a letter yesterday from Sallie Mae, in a really "official-looking" envelope, on "official-looking" paper, all embossed and everything. It was a response to the BBB complaint I put in.

They basically spent 1.5 pages justifying their repeated attempts to torture me telephonically, stating they had the right to based on some statute I need to look up to find out and clarify. I'll re-post the letter here in its entirety, but I needed to get this stuff off my chest right away. I actually was having frantic, angry thoughts all night last night and didn't sleep very well because of the letter.

I have issues with people trying to justify their actions when they *know* it's illegal, when they *know* someone cannot fulfill the request, and when they simply don't care. I can't imagine EVER working for a company like Sallie Mae, when they end up treating so many people like crap. I have a higher moral standard, I guess. I cannot abide treating people that poorly. I cannot justify it by stating that I need the job - there are plenty out there, even if it's flipping burgers - at least you're helping people rather than harassing them into the deepest depths of despair and self-loathing.

I hope Sallie Mae ends up losing every bit of their employee base on a grand scale.


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Nanette said...

Sallie Mae is worse than any Mafia. And our government and Congress are worse. They allow this. No matter how much you pay, if you get sick , you are in default - your life is ruined.

And if you are disabled - your life is ruined.

CONGRESS WAS BOUGHT BY SALLIE MAE and TED KENNEDY, supposed champion of the people took bribes.

Sallie Mae is so despicable they try to tell me my disabled husband is liable for my loans. Yeah -right.