Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And here we go again...

As of 9:42 AM PST today, my cell phone rang AGAIN - and AGAIN, it was Sallie Mae... I picked it up, heard the recording, and hung up.

I am going to be purchasing a recording device for my phone as soon as I possibly can afford to, and will be making sure to check my cell phone carrier for the list of all incoming calls... There are three in specific that I'm looking for.

1-317-595-1440 is a toll number for them

1-866-656-3422 is a toll-free number for them

"Unknown" is the unlisted phone number for them

I'm also going to be requesting a listing of all the dates and times that Sallie Mae has attempted to access my bank account.

Anyone know a reputable lawyer in the PDX Oregon area willing to take on this scum of the earth?


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Christopher Zeman said...

The following is the advice given to me on the forums at
Calling your cell phone is not OK.

If it is a live person on the other line, and you know what Collection Agency is calling, tell them they are not to call again under any circumstances, that there is no longer a debt, and to contact the company that sold that debt to them for verification. Further say "any future calls by you to either my home phone or cell phone will be deemed a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act."

And of course if they call on your home phone do the same, at least once and note the date you said that and to whom you said it.

Then any call that comes in from them in the future, note the date and time of the call and on which of your numbers it came in and whether it was an automated call or not and take this information to one of the closest attornies at You place your zip code on their site and the nearest one to you is shown.

They know all of these Collection companies and just how to deal with them. If the attorney thinks you can prove that they violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can sue them for each infraction and at this time fines for this, if proven sufficiently in a court of law, are from $1,000. to $2,500.per infraction.

You may find this Collection Agency will help to pay that student loan if they should get fined a few times.