Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BBB Complaint copy...

The BBB that will handle your complaint is:
BBB of Eastern MA, ME & VT
(Natick, MA)
235 West Central St, Suite 1
Natick, MA 01760-3767
Phone: (508)652-4800
Fax: (508)652-4833

The following information has been received and sent to be processed.

You can check on the status of your complaint anytime on our web site.

Your password (used to access the case online) is 075CEDA7

You can check on the status of your complaint anytime on our automated phone system by calling 508-652-4800.


Case #: 134758
Date Case Opened: 03/14/2007
Status: Open
Days Open: 1


Complaint Type: Consumer to Business
Salutation: Ms.
First name: MXXXXXXXXX
Middle Initial: A

Province or State: OR
Postal or Zip code: XXXXXXXX
Zip + 4:
Country: USA

Work phone: Ext:


Direct Complaint to

Firm ID: 0000031959
Business name: Sallie Mae Tuition Answer Loan
Address: 50 Braintree Hill Park
City: Braintree
State: MA
Zip code: 02184

Business phone: 800-749-9100


Complaint Information

Date purchased: 02/21/2003
Zip Code of purchase location:
Store/Establishment #: School - WCI
Date of problem
first occurred: 05/30/2005
Have you complained
to the business: Yes
If yes whom did you
complain to
(last name): Legal Dep
Purchase price: $23,000.00
Amount in dispute: $11,0000.00
Product or service involved: Student Loans
Brand name or manufacturer:
Model name or number:
Order, contract or
account number :
Salesperson's name:
Primary Nature of Complaint: Credit, Billing or Collection Issues
The company has unethical collection practices


Brief description of problem:
Company has repeatedly failed to follow the Fair Debt Collection act in collection processes. They have been verbally abusive, have called upwards of 8 times per day to harrass me, and have attempted to take payments prior to the agreed upon payment date. In addition, they have repeatedly refused to work with me regarding reduced payments due to hardship, and have continued to harass me for payment even after I have informed them in writing to no longer contact me except by mail.


Settlement sought:
The company has a responsibility to treat me with respect and to stop harassing me. They should be willing to work with me based on my income, and should not continue to lay late fees and high interest on unpaid portions of partial payment amounts, when they suggested them, and have agreed to these partial payments due to my income. I should not be penalized because my income happens to be lower than they want me to pay. I feel that the company has the responsibility to lower my percentage rate to a reasonable amount of BELOW 10% and make it fixed, as well as lower my payments permanently to a reasonable sum of money - around $160 per month, based on my income.

Primary settlement type: Billing Adjustment


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