Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doesn't even BEGIN to cover it...

Originally posted 03/08/2007:

Being poor that is... And we're about to get even MORE poor...

In order to get Sallie Mae off my back for a few months, I agreed to a payment plan for the private loan. It's lower than what they originally were asking me to pay ($556/month... of course, if I wanted the interest ONLY it would only be $525/month...), but it's still higher than I can afford to pay. But, at least it shows that I'm trying... The crappy bit: I have to pay February and March right now, plus a $50 fee to set everything up... SO - no more wedding money from this point forward. I'm officially tapped, and I haven't purchased the fabric for my Best Bitch or flower girl, or for Fred and Josh's jackets, or for the remaining portion of my dress... I just don't have it. They want $175 per month - and the first payment is actually a double payment as of March 24th, to "catch me up"... *sigh*

I'm still working on figuring out how bad it's gonna hit, but it'll be pretty harsh, I'm sure. Bleh. Hope everyone in the family likes top ramen and not going out to eat for a while.


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