Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well, Fuq'ity!

Originally posted 6/13/2006:

So, in case you just joined our little group here, our heroine (moi) started school in February of 2004 at Western Culinary Institute. Being of (somewhat) sound mind and body, she started out this venture with the idea that perhaps, just perhaps, she would be able to use her culinary powers for good rather than for nothing.

But alas, after 18 months worth of work, she got out of school and found that working for someone else just wasn't for her... Instead, she's been trying to work on a business plan to start up a catering business of her own. Thus far, it's been on the back burner due to other stuff - like taking care of daily business at her current full-time job, and stuff at home.

This would not be so bad but for the fact that the nasty pirate people, a.k.a. Sallie Mae, have managed to completely screw her over. Being unaware that a Federal loan would not be consolidated with their private loan, she consolidated the federal loan down to $60 per month. This, she thought, she could handle with no problem. However, this left the private loan unconsolidated - and now late. The private loan wants $464 per month. Add this to the $60 per month, and we have a ridiculous amount of money that our heroine simply cannot afford and still be able to pay for such silly things like groceries - or RENT.

Ugh! I called Sallie Mae and asked for a consolidation - and was denied. I went to AES and Key Bank and asked for a loan consolidation for everything (via a private loan) and was denied. WaMu doesn't wanna, either. I even went so far as to call a bankruptcy lawyer, who said that I wouldn't want to file for it, as they won't really be able to do much other than re-finance it down to a monthly payment without interest, and that's difficult. So - once my forebearance runs out, I'm going to be in default of a loan - possibly two loans, depending on my finances. Yay me.

The craptastic part is that this is going to sit on my shoulders until I can pay it off. Right now, the amount of the loan is twice the amount of what I get paid per year - before taxes (I would have said gross, but that's just a pun in the making, eh?).

So, anyone know any good sugardaddies wandering around who like red-headed chubby women, and only want to pay for their college education? Bwa-ha-ha-ha. I crack myself up.


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