Monday, July 2, 2007

That's it, eh? We'll see...

Got a call from the person who was processing my refinancing. They said they had "great news", and that it was refinanced at the lower rate, to make my payments $311/month. I seem to remember something about $250/month, so this is still high for me... I'm going to be calling Mr. Firestein and finding out what's going on. That and I still can't get an answer regarding the two final loan disbursement payments that were done 6 months AFTER I graduated and left school - one for almost $9,000, and the other for almost $4,000. No one at Sallie Mae seems to know what they are, only that it's "obviously" something that was owed and now must be paid for... Sorry folks, if you can't explain what it was to the person you supposedly loaned it to, then I can't be responsible for it.



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Anonymous said...

I am 25 years old and already feel like my life has run its course. I have signed away my future and everyday, minute, and second is spent worrying about how im going to pay my debt.

It began a coupel years ago, i wanted to become a 3d modeler for video games. my friend's dad is a financial advisor for students, he helpped me out free of charge!! (wow im so lucky!!) since my parents had no money or credit they showed me how to get the loans i needed, so within 1 week i had signed with 2 seperate loan companies totaling over 60k, oh and this wasnt enough so the school told me i could get sallie mae to desperse a second loan half way through my program so i could make reach the full amount, WHEW what a reliefe i could finally go to school!

it was just that easy, i ended up with around 60,000.00 debt from sallie mae alone, and 30,000.00 from AES. i though this was normal and i could pay low payments, i was told the total payment would be around 300 total a month for both. now i find myself done with school, with an amazing job at a high profile gaming company still unable to pay a single payment on my student loans because the cost is so high. i currently owe 700$ a month on sallie mae and 300$ a month on AES loans. i also cannot afford a car, not even a cheap car, i cant afford car insurance, i cant afford gas. i live in walking distance to work not because i want to but because i have to. my girlfriend wants to leave me because of my money situation, she thinks i am going to be broke all my life from this and i agree with her, i have no answers for her when she starts to ask me questions about what are my plans, how do i plan to survive this. i dont know what i could possibly do at this point i am beyond screwed.

this is impossible, and the loan is only growing and now i worry that one day my wages will be garnished and i will have no way of surviving, i have already began to ignore the payments because i cant survive w/o doing so. i would have to be homeless to make the payments, its so depressing it feels like there is no way out and it makes me tired and sick.

everyday anything positive that happens to me, anything that could be good is ruined by this looming feeling of doom brought on by sallie mae, i was 90 k in debt now im around 110 i think? the intrest rate on 1 sallie mae loan is 16% while the other is 19%, they both started at 8%

i just wanted to go to fucking school, if i knew this would be my future i would have never done it.