Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So, talked with good ol' Barry yesterday, the Veep from Sallie Mae. He is willing to look at consolidating the loan, lowering my interest rate substantially (his words), and extending the loan out as far as possible to get the payments down to a reasonable level.

I'm to hear from a financial person today about what the terms would be. I'm going to ask for them in writing before I agree with them, and if they aren't reasonable, then I will tell them so.

I brought up the last 2 loans that were taken out, 6 months AFTER I was finished with school - he didn't know what they were, and said he would look into them. Since they were each over two grand, I feel they're significant enough, and I at least deserve an explaination of what the @#$%#$ it is - and if they can't give me one, then they need to remove them. Period. End of story.

Upshot of the discussion is that if I continue to have issues with the loan, I can call him directly.



Josh said...

Hey, Glad to hear you got in touch with someone there who can do something for you. Any chance you could pass alogn the VP's number. My wifes loans have been stuck in a high interest purgatory and non of the lower level reps will help us.


smithj AT

koldflow said...

you are very fortunate. SM also has a bunch of other borrowers, like myself, who are thousands more in the hole on their loan then when they left school but not as high profile a situation so SM ignores us. I've paid thousands, seen thousands added on, now I'm $12,000 more in the hole than when I graduated, and $8,000+ has just *poof* disappeared. When I die, I will have paid back over 100 grand under their terms. I hope you take them to the cleaners, they deserve none of this fortune they have accrued from us.

a. said...
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