Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Checking in (From Alan Collinge)

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the new members. We are picking up members at an accelerated rate now, which is good. I can't stress how important it is that we seek out others in the same boat, and band together.

1. We were featured again on Fox Business News on Friday. The piece was highly antagonistic, and even slanderous at one point. Nonetheless, I feel that we held our own, and made at least some of the important points that needed to be made. The link there is:

2. CNN ran a piece featuring our members today. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it on the web. Anyhow, thanks to Peter, and others who stepped up to be interviewed for this piece.

3. I hope you will please consider this: Now more than every, your financial contribution to the Student Loan Justice PAC is very important. If everyone receiving this donated a modest amount (say, $20-$40), we would be in great financial shape to begin to have a real influence on the Hill.

That's it for now. Keep fighting, and keep us posted.


Jon Striker said...

Please review the Sallie Mae contacts below and to start an email campaign explaining your situation and the poor practices of Sallie Mae. Make sure you include a media source of any kind and if you have a lawyer or congress person to add that would be outstanding as well.

Lord Albert L
Chief Executive Officer

Mike Walter
COO & Senior Director, Private Credit Collections

Roy Mellinger
Vice President and Chief Security Officer

Carol Rakatansky
Vice President and Assoc. Gen. Counsel

Eric Reicin
Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

Tom Joyce
Senior VP, Corporate Communications

Deborah N. Fahle
Senior Vice President

Christy Marble
Vice President, Brand and Consumer Marketing

Frank C. Hollister, IV
Senior Sales and Marketing Executive

Amy Brashear Miranda
Director / SVP Mid - Atlantic Sales

Laura Daly
Vice President, Credit

Nancy Deck
Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing

Jan DeFalco
Managing Director, Brand and Consumer Marketing

Chris Dwyer
Vice President of Sales

Asim Walia
VP of Sales

Jim Eickhoff
President & VP Sallie Mae National Sales

Suvendu Pal
Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

Marcos Bronfman
Vice President at Sallie Mae

Michael Hynes
Vice President, Leadership and Employee Communications

Brian Burgess
Vice President of Finance and Information Research

Lori Urias-Gehris
Leadership Development

Rick Robey
Vice President, Marketing

Ramiro Fonseca
Senior Vice President

David Leonard
Title unknown works with Roy Mellinger

Lemondrop said...

I was hired by lawyers who are representing investors in a case against Sallie Mae. I am trying to find out as much as I can about the way these loans were originated and how forbearance and other programs were implemented. Please let me know if there is any way that we can help eachother.

dissertation said...

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Zachary Sperling said...

Like many others I have had horrible experiences with SallieMea. As a result of the economy I like so many others have had trouble paying my loans so with my parents assistance I have been taking it month by month. Now today I received a call telling me that my loans are over due. Now normally I would say thanks for letting me know; but when me and my parents set up a payment plan where the payment is broken in half and comes out twice a month. It gets more and more irritating when I have repeatedly received calls from them about my payments due to issues with you got it SallyMea. In all cases they it was nobodies fault. There computer simply changed my plan.
Now as a Business Major I know that things like this do not just happen. Someone with SallieMae is messing up my account. It is extremely aggravating and annoying that a company that is this big is this arrogant.
When I have called the company they fix it and then the next thing I know is that I will be receiving another call. I go and try to reach their corporate offices but their is one big problem. 'They provide you with the names of those in their main office but nothing else so that you cannot in any way really contact them.'
From my personal experiences the one thing that I can say without a doubt is that: 'For all those different companies that accredited SallieMae they obviously must have NEVER had the opportunity which really in truth is a misfortune of actually using the services provided by SallyMae'. Without a doubt I can say that if they did so today; with the economy as it is would NEVER have accredited such a prroly managed company.